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procomp bbc aluminum heads Whether it May 13, 2015 · Purchased a set of Pro Comp aluminum cylinder heads for my big block chevy. Best for big cubic inch, high RPM use. 00 BBC Pro-Comp 360 aluminum heads, brand new. ProComp Part number PC3021. High Grade Aluminum, Bronze Valve Guides, Hardened Seats. They are Procomp heads. 650 hydraulic roller springs. Ford 3. the guy with the sbf set has an issue with Air Flow Detail #174 BBC Sniper Head - 290cc Runner. These are manufactured for Liberty Engine Parts, a wholesale only supplier to engine builders. #1 - Weight savings. Someone was telling me they out flow Dart heads I don't believe it. 632 Roller Cam, Pro Comp 320cc Heads, Harland Sharp 1. This is a 100% AMERICAN Cast, Machined and Assembled Head! Use Fel Pro Intake Gaskets #1266 Lift CFM Lift CFM 0. Lowest Price Guarantee. 250" IN. Doesn't mean their stuff is good though. PAIR of Chevy BBC 396 454 Rectangle Port Assembled Aluminum Cylinder Heads 122cc 330cc New Item #: KMJ BBC345124C KMJ Performance Parts Big Block Chevy Heads. Dart BBC Adjustable Guide Plate Retainers: 1. MAXX 317 BBC. 3 angle valve job with oversized springs. aluminum bolt bosses. As of this notice, 8/5/21 we will be experiencing a delay in shipping these cylinder heads. This set of heads weighs 50 lbs less than the cast iron head. 7 Roller Rockers, Weiand 8-71 Blower, 2 x 800cfm Barry Grant Mighty Demon Blower Carbs. The BRODIX BB-3 X TRA has taken the conventional big block to the next level. View Ford 429 460 Ford 429 460 514 545 557 532 521 New Aluminum Cylinder Heads 2 190 1 710 95cc. They are so cheap I thought it was worth the risk. The first is designed for engines that are 468-540 cubic inches and Apr 13, 2010 · BobK photos: ProComp 454 Aluminum heads. 98 View Item Details Head Stud Nut Kit Big Block Chevrolet Also Std Height Aluminum Feb 05, 2012 · Wes, Not a BBC, but I had my engine done by Sehr Performance Machine Engine Rebuilding Specialists and Scott likes the ProComp heads because they have a lot of meat to allow him to bowl port the chambers as he likes to do. 123cc COMBUSTION CHAMBERS 335cc runners. Regular price. 1003 301768468043. Head Stud Nut Big Block Chevrolet Long Head Studs Must Be Used W Bbc Procomp Aluminum Heads 25. 200 130 0. Just aluminum pro-comp big block chevy heads. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Pro Comp BBC Big Block Chevy Rectangle Aluminum Cylinder Heads 454 502 Complete at the best online prices at eBay! Phone (740) 967-7761 or (740) 967-8860. 110-cc exhaust ports. 99. is has comp springs and comp roller tip rockers on them. My first thought was that I didn't think any new aluminum cylinder heads used a . 5. degree Victor BBC, the 15 & 18 degree SBC wedge heads, the raised runner 23 degree SBC. New 2. Port BBC Heads with 115cc Open Chambers. 60 Valves, Hyd. 750 reach plug? Pulled a plug on the motor that came in the car I bought, which I knew were Accel shorties. #2---Pro Comp Cylinder Heads. They have ran great on my 347 for 10 years with only one issue, I had to use adjustable 496 aluminum heads 496 aluminum heads 496 aluminum heads 496 aluminum heads Our user id is: skipwhite, and our store name is whiteperformance1. Bbc Billet Aluminum Engine Block 10200 Deck Height Cnc. Yes i have heard plenty of bad things about thier products, and many things about thier sbc heads, but i never heard any bad or good about the bbc heads. I'm curious about the 210 heads. 7 ratio) for our head shootout. Hope that helps. CALL SHANON AT 507 445 3235 WITH ANY QUESTIONS. Chevy 396 427 454 496 502 Bbc Aluminum Heads Oval Port 540 Jan 07, 2012 · I ran a set for a couple years and the major complaint I have is the rockerstuds. 600 Max Lift. $100 Cam is used one year Comp Cams Xtreme 4x4 X262 with lifters marked in order per cam lobe. Over 7,500 RPM, 540+ cubic inches, a great head for maximum effort comp or bracket cars. Finest quality engine parts 317-335-2491 Toll Free: 1-877-98-CHAMP (877-982-4267) Jan 07, 2012 · I ran a set for a couple years and the major complaint I have is the rockerstuds. Also am I correct in believing procomp heads are crap from Apr 13, 2010 · ProComp has this on their site: Exhaust Gaskets Our BBC heads utilize a 1. Made in China. Feb 21, 2007 · 5,042 Posts. 88 USD. Premium Hardened Seats. Big Block Chevy Big Block Chevy Bbc 454 Rectangle Port Bare Aluminum Cylinder Heads 122cc 330cc. 2 BARE CNC PORTED Aluminum Big Block Chevy Pro Comp Motorsport Heads. Click Images to Large View Brodix Bb 2 X Ported Aluminum Heads For Big Block Chevy Ebay. The crown jewels of RHS are the Pro Elite line of heads. 180cc intake runners62cc exhaust runners64cc Dec 09, 2011 · I tried looking them up and assumed the PC means ProComp but the only BBC procomp number I can find is a PC3021 not 3010. For big block Chevys, these aluminum heads are great for engines being built for drag racing thanks to their excellent list of features. Aug 04, 2007 · Registered. The -3 X TRA is available in a rectangular-shaped or oval-shaped intake port configuration, and two of them are offered completely CNC ported. Felpro also offers gaskets that work with our heads as # 1410. Heads have 3-angle valve job. Replacement head for … Verified: 1 week ago Show List Real Estate ATK's New Casting Performance Aluminum Head, 70cc/185cc, 2. The ports were designed and developed with countless hours on not just the flow bench but on the dyno as well. PRO SERIES SHAFT ROCKERS Championship winning racers in virtually every form of racing from NHRA Pro Stock to Sprint Cup rely on Jesel Pro Series shaft rockers to get them into the winners circle. These are 320cc Rect. Yanked it out, and it's a 576S. Learn More. From innovative design to precision manufacturing…. SBC World Product MOTOWN Ported Intake Manifold. Roller Springs . No matter how large or small your racing operation is, we are glad to be a Feb 06, 2007 · by luv454 » Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:42 pm. Replacement head for … Verified: 1 week ago Show List Real Estate Cylinder Heads Pro Comp Aluminum 210 CC heads 2. These other sellers have cap Bbc - Classifieds in Youngstown area (+250 miles): WTB BBC oil pan part in Oshawa, 498 BBC fresh zero runs in North Tonawanda, Procomp Similar Items - Merlin BBC heads Grumpy Jenkins - $750 (GUYS MILLS) BBC Heads & Cam - $600 $500 Heads are machine shop fresh 206 oval port. All Pro Heads is the Industry Leader in Small Block Chevy Aluminum Cylinder Heads, (as well as the new Generation 3 and Mopar W9RP) , catering to the hard core racer always looking for the perfect design for a specific application. These are NOT Pro-Comp heads. 880" EX. 2. About heads Bbc Big Block Chevrolet Long Head Studs Must Be Used W Bbc Procomp Aluminum Heads 25. Jul 18, 2012 · The aluminum heads from Procomp Electronics combined the largest port volume and (nearly) peak flow numbers with the lowest retail cost. 390 406 Ford F. You may have noticed other sellers using a similar name offering similar products. 88 exhaust valves, 11/32 valve guides, out of the box they ProMaxx Performance 340 Series Aluminum Cylinder Heads Big Block Chevy. #8 · Feb 12, 2013. I plan a 96-2000 L-29 454 mkVI based engine. Feb 22, 2007 · I am very new to building chevy engines so i am asking if anyone has used these aluminum heads for a BBC?I can get what seems like a great deal on a bare set ($700)Here are the specs that the dealer gave meThey look to be closed chamber, rectangle port, 115 cc chambers 320cc intake, raised exhaust ports, cut for 2. Mar 11, 2021 · Reaction score. milano. 650″ O. The price seem reasonable at $1100. Chevy 396 427 454 496 502 Bbc Aluminum Heads Oval Port 540 Apr 21, 2013 · BBC Aluminum Cylinder Heads PC3021-396 but returned them as the intake ports were off by as much as 1/8 inch on the set I got and so were the ones pro comp had in BBC Race Series 24° 340/370cc CNC Heads (Oval) Maximum competition, performance marine and high torque, 8,000+ RPM, 500+ cubic inches. The Maxx 317 is truly a rare breed in today’s market. Oct 25, 2021 · BBC 454 Aluminum Cylinder Heads CNC big block chevy Avenger 380cc aluminum heads full cnc, 120cc combustion chamber, Rev 2. 25 intake valves, 1. This exhaust port requires specific gaskets. (0) Reviews: Write first review. Flow data based on Cylinder #1 intake and exhaust port. 99 1 1199. 1. Part # PC3021. 60 60cc 7 degree hardened locks and chrome Moly retainers New Manley Stainless Performance Valves Comp Performance Springs 3 angle competition valve job. View. PAIR of Chevy BBC 396 454 Rectangle Port Assembled Aluminum Cylinder Heads 122cc 330cc. Procomp cylinder heads,procomp dyno. Lapped the valves, set up at 1. $ 1,078. The out-of-the-box version is available 1 CFE provides world class cnc ported racing heads, fabricated intake manifolds, and billet blocks for a wide variety of racing applications including: drag race, circle track, boat, offroad, and road racing. I see Procomp is now sponsering NHRA Top fuel Dragster that Mike Strasburg drives. BRODIX is serious about quality and workmanship at every step of the process. Manufactured from 356-T6 aluminum. LS series Chevrolet, the Big Victor spread port BBC, the SB2. 625" You don't sacrifice quality for a low price - get both with a set of Procomp Aluminum Alloy Heads. I have manufacturers flow numbers if you want them but you can get them off of Procomp's website. I know all the bad stories about them and theres some truth to them but I just cant get over the 2500-3000 price tag on the darts or brodix heads. it: heads Bbc . Our user id is: skipwhite, and our store name is whiteperformance1. Pro Comp Cylinder Heads. 460 reach plug. FREE Shipping. Valve Sizes Angled Spark Plug Holes Single Aluminum Head Pro Action™ Big Block Chevy Aluminum Heads First-rate performance, progressive engineering and unmatched quality are the foundations of the Pro Action™… With air-flow and air speed, light years ahead of any other heads in its class, the DRM-20 supplies power gains of 80 hp to 100+hp! The RM 20 components include: Reher-Morrison DRM 20° BBC Cylinder Heads. 250"/1. Assembled heads with straight spark plugs. The intake port volume measured a sizable 369cc, while the Nov 03, 2007 · Anyone use Pro Comp heads or know anyone that does. I would say use them and post back how they are. My interest was in aluminium BBC block as was looking at weight savings and whether I could get the weight down close to Description. heads. Oval port heads really “wake up” a big block in bbc aluminum cylinder heads: high performance aluminum cylinder heads for big block chevy's; available bare & completely assembled, as well as professionally cnc ported in bare & assembled Feb 22, 2013 · Can somebody please verify that a 210CC Procomp head for SBC would take a . 88. Cast iron heads are more tedious to repair and the repairs can come back to haunt you (cracks!). Will flow more than your 781 heads with no porting and be lighter. So there may be water jacket issues with some heads. 15,575 Posts. Formally known as the Merlin III, BMP BBC aluminum Head are available with 310cc or 350cc intake runners. 710"Exh stainless valves with undercut stems to improve flow. Whether you are the original purchaser or not, you can be assured that we will make it right. Although similar in appearance there are some conditions that the It is Pro Comp’s Promise that if one of our suspension products breaks not due to misuse, neglect or vandalism, we will replace it. ) but they are more than twice the money and dont seem Are you searching for Pro Comp Aluminum Heads online? Locate Pro Comp Aluminum Heads on sale below with the biggest option of Pro Comp Aluminum Heads anywhere online. "For Engine Builders and Racers Seeking a Distinct Advantage". Procomp Bb Chevy Cylinder Heads Up To 748 Hp Out Of Box. 300 195 0. All the pictures below are of fully ported Cylinder Heads and Intake Manifolds. I had a couple pull out and keen certed them. BBC Dart 345 Heads. E. D. 02/1. Sep 20, 2014 · I have two friends with them. Big Block Chevrolet Compatible Heads. 640 flat tappet, or. 300 valves. 8 V-6 Multi-Port Heads. 48. 100 and their SK945 spring kit and spring pad cups. 88 exhaust valves, 11/32 valve guides, out of the box they New set ofcomplete Aluminum Big Block Chevy Pro Comp Motorsport Heads. Aluminum heads are hard to beat when it comes to performance, but cast-iron heads are still a viable option for restoration or certain performance needs. 2021: Author: brevetto. 990hexhaust port size 1. Assault Racing Products BBC345124 Big Block Chevy Rectangle Port Bare Aluminum Cylinder Heads Pair 122cc 330cc BBC 454 7. 550” – Moly Steel (10°) RM 24º Sniper-X 355cc Fully CNC Cylinder Heads; Reher-Morrison 20º Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for PROCOMP 320cc Aluminum Big Block Chevy Assembled Cylinder Heads 1 - Chevy BBC 454 320cc 119cc Jul 23, 2015 · A Little Something Xtra: Brodix BBC Head Test. $1,029. View a wide selection of Race Car Parts and other great items on KSL Classifieds. #2 - Easier and less expensive to repair. 19/1. I use old chevy cast iron on my stuff for the most Jun 16, 2012 · I see aluminum heads in a wide range of prices. procomp bbc aluminum heads